Yardley London Moisturizing Soap Aloe & Avocado 2 x 4oz Bars

Brand: Misc


Soak up every second of your Me Time with Yardley’s Aloe & Avocado Moisturizing Bath Bar. Essence of aloe and the light whip of creamy avocado work alongside an exhilarating fragrance that leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated and you counting down to your next lather. Yardley’s Aloe & Avocado Bath Bar is fueled by the rejuvenating excellence of Lemon oil while Avocado, Green Tea, and Peach notes harmonize together in perfect synchronicity. New day, new you! At Yardley, all day freshness is a must-have in starting a new day or ending a long one. Make your Me Time ultra refreshing to highlight the joy in your life and add an overall sense of wellness to your day.

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