Mr Medical was founded in 2014 by a team of passionate customer satisfaction experts with a deep background in the health, beauty and infant care industries. With over 20 years of combined experience our team brings a high level of value to its customers.

At Mr Medical we have been very active in the wholesale markets of health, beauty, and infant care for over a decade. We have perfected our craft in terms of smooth customer transactions and providing an overall high level of customer happiness. Customers are presented with on time deliveries, fast and courteous communication, and excellent customer support throughout all transactions. It is our proven success in delivering great value to our customers that directed us to enter the retail market.

We have noticed a need for a space where everyday products, along with some hard to find products across related applications can all be found in the same place. Our goal in creating is to address this need thus helping our customers find what they are looking for easily and efficiently and most importantly all in the same place. Instead of shopping in 2 or 3 brick and mortar stores and a handful of online stores, customers can now find all their Health, Personal Care and Beauty items in one convenient online store.

Our customer support team is always here to help, so please call us now to begin the experience.
Phone: 855-901-1010