Trojan Supra Americas Thinnest Non-latex Bareskin Condoms 6 Count Each

Brand: Trojan


The revolutionary Trojan Supra features medical-grade microsheer polyurethane material. Ultra-thin, strong and transmits body heat for ultimate sensual pleasure! Regular lubricant. Quite a bit wider than most condoms. One retail box of six condoms. Please note: The current version of this product is made in Japan. There have been reports from customers that the Japanese version is somewhat smaller than the previous Malaysian product. Please note: You may use this polyurethane condom if you or your partner are allergic to latex. If you and your partner are not allergic to natural latex rubber, it is recommended that you use a latex condom. The risks of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) including AIDS (HIV infection) are not known for polyurethane condoms. Studies are being done. That said, laboratory tests on this material have shown that organisms even as small as sperm and viruses like HIV cannot pass through it.

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