Sun-In Hair Lightener, Lemon Fresh 4.7 fl Ounce (138.9 ml)

Brand: Sun-In


Bright Hair, Beautiful Hair

Sun In Lemon Hair Lightener brings out your natural highlights. It conditions while it lightens. The advanced conditioning system in Sun-In, with botanical extracts such as aloe, marigold, chamomile and flaxseed, pampers your hair while it lightens. Sun-In is alcohol free. Although results may vary, reddish results may occur in dark brown hair. Highlights of this lightener are permanent. It contains no metallic dye.

  • Botanical extracts
  • Special illumination for dose of shine
  • Brings Out Your Natural Highlights
  • Conditions While it Lightens
  • Sun-In is recommended for blonde to medium brown hair
  • Reddish results may occur in dark brown hair
  • Not recommended for color-treated hair?

Sun In Lemon Hair Lightener contains ingredients that are favorable to your hair. Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing. If skin irritation or redness occurs, discontinue use. If accidentally sprayed in the eyes, rinse immediately with cold water.

A Closer Look: Sun In Lemon Hair Lightener with its advanced conditioning system pampers your hair while it lightens.

Get Started: Before using, test a strand of your hair and follow all label instructions. Simply spray Sun-In in your damp hair and comb through to evenly distribute. For a sun-streaked look, spray only the strands you want highlighted. Relax and let the sun do the work. You can also bring out your highlights faster with a little help from a blow dryer.


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