Rohto Digi-Eye, Digital Eye Strain Relief Drops, 0.4 oz

Brand: Misc


Got too many screens — and not enough eye drops? In this crazed, digital world, we’re all on our devices—for hours. And all those screens can really mess with your eye health. Take a Digi Break™ with Rohto® Digi Eye® drops—and counteract the symptoms of digital eye strain and screen fatigue. Just 1-2 drops* soothe up to 8 hours, for more posting, scrolling, sharing, meeting, and viewing—with less straining. Rohto® Digi Eye® Digital Eye Strain Eye Drops is an answer to ever-increasing screen time on digital devices. Specially formulated to deliver instant cooling and long-lasting soothing relief. Its proprietary formula works to relieve redness and dryness due to digital eye strain, and soothes for up to 8 hours. Pink color comes from vitamin B12.

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