RID Brand Complete Lice Elimination Kit Shampoo Gel Spray & Lice Comb C322
RID Brand Complete Lice Elimination Kit Shampoo Gel Spray & Lice Comb C322

Brand: Rid


Learning that someone in your family has lice is never welcome news. But there's no need to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of getting rid of lice. When you understand what kills lice, you will be better prepared to get RID of them. Remember, with the right information--and the RID Complete Lice Elimination System--getting rid of lice can be as simple as 1, 2, 3. 

RID products enable you to provide safe and effective lice treatment at home. RID, the market leader in head lice treatment products, has created the RID 1-2-3 Lice Elimination System to guide you through each of the steps. It includes scientifically proven products to kill lice, remove their eggs, and treat your home.

The RID Complete Lice Elimination kit includes RID Lice Killing Shampoo, RID Lice and Egg Comb-Out Gel, and the RIDvantage Lice Comb. The RID Home Lice, Bedbug, and Dust Mite Spray eliminates lice on carpeting, furniture, bedding, and other items that cannot be washed. The RID Complete Lice Elimination Kit provides a comprehensive elimination system for lice.

The RID Lice Killing Shampoo uses two active ingredients, piperonyl butoxide (PBO) and pyrethrum extract, which can kill lice when used as directed.


  • Unique 3 Step Lice Eliminating System in 1 Box
  • Step 1 - Lice Killing Shampoo Treatment
  • Step 2 - Lice & Egg Comb Out Gel (Including Comb)
  • Step 3 - Home Lice Control Spray
  • America's #1 Lice Killing Brand

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