Nature's Bounty Super Papaya Enzyme Chewable Mint 45mg, 90 Tablets

Brand: Misc


Support your digestive health with Nature’s Bounty® Super Papaya Enzyme tablets.* Each serving contains 15 mg of the finest quality ingredient from Papaya fruit, with 6 naturally sourced enzymes including Protease, Bromelain, Alpha Amylase, Cellulase, Lipase, and 45mg of Papain per serving. These naturally sourced enzymes help aid the digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.* Available in delicious, chewable mint-flavored tablets, our Super Papaya Enzyme supplement is designed to help to promote the breakdown of food and has added Peppermint to help reduce bad taste and sweeten breath.* For optimal digestive benefits, it is recommended that adults chew three (3) Nature’s Bounty® Super Papaya Enzyme tablets following a meal, one to three times daily.* The innovative supplement is Non-GMO, free of artificial colors and flavors, and made with the purest ingredients, guaranteed.*

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