Icy Freeze Continuous Cooling Pain Relief Menthol Spray 4 Ounce


Icy Freeze is an all-natural topical pain reliever. It provides soothing temporary relief from minor aches and pains associated with sore muscles, strains, joint discomfort and even arthritis. You have a choice of a roll-on, continuous spray or gel application options. 


  • Clear, non-staining formula
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Cooling pain relief
  • Vanishing scent
  • Easy to apply
  • Dries fast

Natural Pain Relief

Derived from peppermint, Icy Freeze has 10% menthol as the active ingredient for pain relief. That’s a higher percentage than many other brands. In addition to the naturally obtained menthol, the formula also contains Camphor, Aloe, Ilex and Vitamin E.

Naturally Clear

Other topical pain relievers mention being “all natural” but use dyes and artificial colors which can cause skin irritations; but not Icy Freeze. The dye-free formula for Icy Freeze is colorless and dries quickly so that it doesn’t stain you clothes or your skin.

The Drawbacks of Ice

Ice was our very first cold therapy solution and the purpose of cold therapy hasn’t changed much since then. What has changed is how we apply and administer that solution. Traditional ice packs can cause skin irritation, numbness, stiffness and sometimes even pain. Plus, with an ice pack you have to remain stationary. That’s where Icy Freeze comes in.

Like Ice but Better

Icy Freeze increases blood circulation in the skin just like ice; there is reduced blood flow to the area it was applied to, just like ice. But unlike ice you can spray, rub or roll Icy Freeze onto your skin and remain mobile. You can apply it and go about your day. Unlike ice, Icy Freeze is a more powerful pain reliever, it lasts longer and you don’t have to contend with the dripping and thawing of ice packs; or waiting while the ice pack refreezes again. Icy Freeze is always ready for use.

Close the Gate to Pain

The Gate Control Theory of Pain states that the pain signal sent to your brain can be blocked or lessened when cold therapy has been applied to the affected area. There is a “gating system” in your central nervous system that opens to let painful messages reach your brain and closes to help shut out or minimize those messages. By using Icy Freeze on the painful area, you can help close the gate to pain.

Icy Freeze vs Oral Pain Relievers

Even today the most commonly used substance for pain relief by Americans is over-the-counter pills. Some of the problems you deal with in regard to oral pain relievers are not an issue with Icy Freeze.

That means no more waiting for the pills to enter your system, no more side effects, no more wondering if one pill is enough and how many more will you have to take to feel relief. With Icy Freeze you don’t have to wait; it acts within a few seconds. Also, you are treating just the area that’s affected and not dosing your entire body, and you don’t have to worry about conflicts with preexisting medication. It’s not a hard pill to swallow, Icy Freeze is just better than oral pain relievers in most cases.

Used by Professionals

Now you can buy the same formula that massage therapists, athletic trainers and chiropractors use on their clients.

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