Euthymol Original Mouthwash, 16.9 Fl. Oz.

Brand: Misc


Euthymol Mouthwash Has a Special Blend of Oral Hygiene Ingredients and Flavor to Keep Your Teeth and Gums Clean and Healthy. Formulated with the Famous Euthymol Original Toothpaste Flavor, Pink Jelly Formula that Kills Bad Breath Bacteria for Long-Lasting Freshness. Loved for over 122 years for its distinctly strong flavor and British heritage. This classic oral care brand, which dates back to 1898, is formulated to help keep teeth and gums healthy with a blend of anti-plaque and specially refreshing ingredients. Euthymol Mouthwash features a pink jelly formula for long-lasting freshness. Feel the difference! Did You Know? The name "euthymol" is a combination of eucalyptus and thymol, which were active ingredients in the original formulation.

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