Dryel Dryer Cleaner Refill 8 Cloths

Brand: Misc


Dryel is the best way to clean and restore your special care clothes. It works in just minutes in the convenience of your dryer, saving time and money. Dryel is gentler than dry cleaning or wet washing and contains no harsh chemicals. It comes with more and works better than any other at-home dry cleaner, guaranteed!Cleans Up to 40 Garments; Removes stains and odors; relaxes wrinkles; Dry clean in your dryer; Environmentally Friendly; Contains No Phosphate, Perchloroethylene (Perc), or Trichloroethylene; Breezy clean scent (no harsh chemical smell); Harness the Power of Steam; No fading, shrinking, stretching; HE safe for use in all dryers.

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