Chapstick Vanilla Latte, 0.15 Ounce

Brand: Misc


Can’t imagine a morning without an indulgent cup of sweet, creamy coffee? Treat your lips to the same, with ChapStick® Vanilla Latte flavor! Here by popular demand! ChapStick® Fan Favorites are the flavors everyone’s talking about and all your friends want to try – and is it any wonder? Welcome to your new morning ritual! Actually, if you’re a coffee lover then you know coffee’s not just for mornings – and neither is this ChapStick®. Our Vanilla Latte flavor lip balm tastes sweet, creamy and indulgent but, unlike its liquid counterpart, it’s a treat your lips can enjoy all day and night. Not only is this Vanilla Latte deliciously free of guilt, but it’s paraben and phthalate free too. What it’s full of is the trusted ChapStick® formulation that keeps your lips feeling smooth, soft and sensual. Just as your morning coffee wakes you up and keeps you going throughout the day, ChapStick® Vanilla Latte lip balm will set your lips up for whatever you have planned for them.

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