ChapStick Fan Favorites Cake Batter Flavored Moisturizing Lip Balm 3 .15 oz tubes

Brand: Misc


ChapStick Cake Batter flavor lip balm is a Fan Favorite for a reason. In addition to helping lips feel soft, it just tastes amazing. Imagine being able to carry the flavor of cake batter around with you all day, 100% guilt-free! Every time you reach into your pocket, pull it out and swipe it on, your lips will get a kiss of smooth sweetness. You'll want to share it with the world and we don't blame you – Cake Batter ChapStick is highly Insta-worthy. Our 12-pack will ensure you have enough tubes to stash in all your favorite places, with a few extra to give your friends when they come asking – and they will definitely come asking!

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