AXE Exfoliating Body Wash for Men, Snake Peel, 16 oz - Pack of 1

Brand: Misc


Axe snake peel 16 fl oz, body wash for men makes you feel clean, fresh, and rejuvenated, so you can be ready to take on the day. Axe snake peel body wash for men will leave you looking, smelling, and feeling fresh with this deep cleansing body wash. Its desert minerals and cactus oil exfoliate to remove dirt and dry skin. To use, squeeze out the body wash into your palm, work it into a foamy lather, and then use it to cleanse all over your body. Rinse thoroughly and finish with your favorite Axe deodorant, body spray, or antiperspirant. To improve your shower experience, try the Axe shower detailer. Simply pour your Axe snake peel body wash onto the Axe detailer - a dual-sided shower tool that helps to both exfoliate and gently clean. The scrub side of the Axe detailer removes dead skin and debris from rough spots like elbows and heels. The soft mesh on the flipside lathers to clean sensitive areas. Simply hang it to dry in the shower after getting clean. Find your magic with Axe - The No. 1 male body wash brand in the World. Source: Euromonitor International Limited; Men's bath and shower retail value sales, 2015. Lynx includes all Axe/Lynx/Ego Sales. Axe Snake Peel Exfoliating Body Wash for Men, 16 fl oz: Invigorating Axe Snake Peel Body Wash in 16 fl oz bottle Refreshing fragrance to kick off or end your day Designed to leave you feeling refreshed and smelling good Try the rest of the refreshing Axe body wash products, including Axe harmony body wash, Axe jet 2 in 1 body wash and shampoo, and Axe sport blast 2 in 1 body wash and shampoo

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