AXE Deodorant Stick Apollo Fresh 3 Ounce Each

Brand: AXE


AXE Deodorant Stick for Men, Apollo, 3.0 oz is part of the Apollo male grooming range from AXE. It is a classic, fruity fragrance featuring lavender, geranium and citrus. Its earthly composition and subtle blend of wood and fruit refresh the senses. AXE Deodorant Stick for men, Apollo 3.0 oz goes on smoothly to provide all day freshness and odor protection to keep you confidently fresh for longer. Apply a few strokes to washed and dried armpits. Wait a minute, get dressed and go. Boost your scent with AXE Body Spray for men 4 oz, get clean and fresh with AXE Body Wash for men 16 fl oz, and complete the range with AXE 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner for men 12 fl oz – all available in Apollo. An AXE Antiperspirant Stick for men 2.7 oz is also available in Apollo. The AXE Antiperspirant Stick for men 2.7 oz provides 24-hour antiperspirant protection to keep you confidently fresh and dry for longer. And check out our other AXE Deodorant Sticks for men 3.0 oz scents like Phoenix, Black Chill, Dark Temptation, and Anarchy. FIND YOUR MAGIC with AXE Deodorant Stick for men Apollo 3 oz from AXE Grooming For Men.

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