Arm Hammer Plus OxiClean with Odor Blasters Fresh Burst Laundry Detergent, 5-IN-1 Power Paks, 24 per Pack

Brand: Misc


Arm & Hammer OxiClean 5in1 Power Paks with Odor Blasters, 24 Fresh Burst Paks per pack. Offers 5 powerful cleaning benefits in 1: odor elimination, deep cleaning, whitening whites, brightening colors, with a powerful fresh scent booster. Odor Blasters is specially formulated to eliminate tough odors like body odor, sweat and musty towels by attacking them at their core, leaving clothes clean and smelling great with a long-lasting Fresh Burst scent. Get effective cleaning power with ARM HAMMER Plus OxiClean with Odor Blasters 5-in-1 Power Paks. Our powerful formula is designed to work in cold and hot water as well as all machines including high efficiency.

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